Proof Bakery opened in 2010 in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles, in a space that’s housed a bakery for almost as long as most locals can remember. Before we moved in, it was a Viktor Benes bakery; Benes took it over from Toni’s Rollin’ Pin. Before Toni’s, it was The Dutch-American Bakery, and before that, it was the Rollin’ Pin Bake Shop. The Rollin’ Pin was the very first bakery in this space, in fact, and it opened in the early 1960s.

At Proof, we’re driven by technique and focus on classic French-style pastries like financiers and tarts, and we’ve become well-known across the city for our croissants. We make a variety of comfort favorites too, like chocolate chip cookies and biscuits. And during the holidays, our team is busy with special seasonal items like pies, Buches de Noel, and gingerbread cookies.

Everything we make is made in small batches using higher-quality ingredients where it counts; we use organic dairy and flour, for example, as well as locally sourced eggs.  Our pastries incorporate fruit from the farmers market to keep in season, and market vegetables are part of the sandwiches and salads that come out at noon every day.

The coffee side of the bakery is a direct result of the partnership we had with Cognoscenti Coffee’s Yeekai Lim, who was with us when we opened. Yeekai laid the foundation for our current coffee program, and we now serve specialty coffee roasted by Cognoscenti Coffee, Heart Coffee Roasters, Four Barrel Coffee and Coava Coffee Roasters. Our specialty teas come from Red Blossom Tea Company.

We are proud to honor our location’s bakery lineage with Proof, and we hope we can continue to be a gathering spot for our neighbors for years to come.