Additionally, since all the cactus are broken at once, there is less for broken cactus to be destroyed.

All 0-tick pulses are created by powering a redstone line, and then using pistons to remove the power source later in the tick. xybonez Active Member. For max money per refresh build it on multiple islands so you get the most $ possible. The server that I made this for has custom hoppers that grab the cactus and sell it automatically as soon as it pops off. for example does skyblock have any features that make this farm worse or other farms better?Basically im just asking what the most efficient cactus farm … Schematics are in NBT format and are loosely based on the Indev level format. It should look pretty stately when completed, and more than doubles current production. Crops currently growing. … The farm has an 81 radius claim now to protect it more. It had been cannoned once when it had a 9 claim but luckily the actual cactus farm was untouched. Today I have a Pumkin / Melon farm Schematic here.

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