Proof Bakery opened in 2010 by chef/owner Na Young Ma in Atwater Village, in a space that housed a bakery for almost as long as most locals can remember. Before we moved in, it was a Viktor Benes bakery; Benes took over from Toni’s Rollin’ Pin. Before Toni’s, it was The Dutch-American Bakery, and before that, it was the Rollin’ Pin Bake Shop. The Rollin’ Pin was the very first bakery in this space, in fact, and it opened in the early 1960s.

At Proof, our mission is to deliver seasonal creative food, using the highest quality of raw ingredients, where traditional hand made methods is an integral part of the finished product. We are committed to working as a team to care for everyone who walks through our doors to contribute to the betterment of our local economy.

Our vision is to be a responsible food business by making choices that support our team, value people, respect our environment, plan for the future.  Our food should be delicious to nourish us, our work should be challenging to teach us and our place of work should empower us.

The beverage program is a direct result of the original partnership with Cognoscenti Coffee’s Yeekai Lim who was with us when we opened. We now serve seasonal specialty coffee by local roasters from east to west, including Tandem Roasters, Tectonic, Kuma and Broadcast Coffee, to name a few.

We are proud to honor our location’s bakery lineage with Proof, and we hope we can continue to be a gathering spot for our neighbors for years to come.