At Proof Bakery, we work as a team with a focus on quality and technique.  Together, we each contribute to making our product better every day.



We are open daily from 8am – 4pm.

Our sandwiches are available at noon each day.

We are not able to hold items for the same day due to our limited bake quantities.

If you would like to place and/or discuss an order, please call us at (323) 664-8633 during business hours or visit us in store.

We are unable to ship or deliver Orders at this time.

All orders require a minimum of 72 hours notice; Otherwise please call the Bakery for immediate pickups.

Cake orders require a minimum of 72 hours notice.

We have whole cakes available in store daily by 9 AM.

All orders are pre-paid.

Currently, we are not able to take wholesale orders.

We have gift cards available for purchase in store or by phone.

Wi-Fi is not available.

Please call, email or visit us in store to place Bakery Orders.  Special Orders require minimum 72 hours in advance, via phone or email to; Catering Event orders require minimum 1 week in advance, via email only to; general business inquiries to